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  1. Progrow (Bio Stimulant) Ampule

    Our Progrow (Bio Stimulant) Ampule) has better ingestion of water and plant supplements from the dirt. It additionally enhances bloom start and blossoming alongside better organic product setting and natural product development.
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  2. Pro Zyme Bio-Organic Zyme Granules

    Pro Zyme (Bio Organic Zyme Granules) is a naturally integrated plant development promoter. It includes different fundamental sea weed extracts, micronutrients, proteins, hormones, enzymes and amino acids. This is gotten from cutting edge bio mechanical aging procedure.
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  3. Progrow Crop Stimulator

    Progrow Crop Stimulator enhances the metabolic exercises of the entire plant framework and assumes crucial part in new cell arrangement and cell increase. Fiery vegetative development of plants is done by expanding photosynthetic movement.
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  4. Amino Acid

    Amino Acid is an organic manure in view of a chose strain of normally happening useful diazotrophic microorganisms. Inferable from their exceptional digestion they can effectively settle environmental nitrogen in soil by transformation to smelling salts. It is utilized as a successful soil application item.
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  5. Seaweed Fertilizer

    Provided Sea Weed Fertilizer is 100% Natural in nature. It helps the plant development quickly. This fertilizer contains blend of both micronutrients and macronutrients. It expands the blossom set, bloom measure and fruit size.
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